Humming People's latest album

Humming People's latest album "Caravelle" was released on May 20th 2016 at Rockefeller Music Hall in Oslo. Recorded in an old store in Trysil/Norway, alongside the well acclaimed american producer Phil Madeira. Their first single "Bullet Train" is now listed on Norway's biggest radio channel NRK P1.


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The Band

From the icy urban streets of Oslo, and the backwoods country of Toten emerges an honest, straight-shooting band with Americana influences ranging from Johnny Cash to Bob Dylan, but with a cultural awareness and musical voice uniquely their own.

Surrounded by the deep Norwegian forest of Trysil, 4 country boys set out to capture the true spirit of Americana, spiced with the essence of Norway.  With them on this quest, from old school Nashville, is producer and good friend Phil Madeira (Emmylou Harris, Allison Krauss, The Civil Wars). With their heartfelt tunes and down-to-earth musical expression, they embrace those with many years behind them and those with many ahead, the regulars at the local pub and the inmates in the Norwegian prisons, the farmer in the mountain pasture and the man in the city streets. Despite their young age, they’ve already toured for several years, and in several continents.  With their extensive experience and new songs in their sack, they’re ready to bring any and all willing on the rugged road, to seek the honest and the authentic, with a good dose of country cheer to boot. In 2014 Humming People released their album ”City of Lost Men”, and were on the billboard- list of the national radio for several months with the single “Silver Spoon”. Country legend Emmylou Harris featured on the album, which opened many doors for the band.  With their latest album, released May 20th 2016, Humming People are ready to amaze and captivate an ever growing audience! Humming People are Joakim Hansen, John Hjeldsbakken, Øyvind Bergsaune and Christer Slaaen    


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